Eilat, Red Sea.

Eilat is an ideal place for water sports! Scuba diving and skydiving (you will see the four countries at once!). Travel by camel or by jeep, rush on the water surface under sail or kite – you decide! You can spend the day sunbathing on the beach or on the deck! Visiting the reserve “Hai Bar” or the archaeological park Timna,

Eilat Red Sea underwater observatory
Eilat Red Sea underwater observatory

a good reason to explore the nature and the inhabitants of the desert, to see its beauty and to learn a sense of eternity of the universe. Plunge into the underwater world of the Red Sea with underwater observatory and Water Park of the Red Sea in Eilat.

Eilat Red Sea Marina bridge
Eilat Red Sea Marina bridge

Not enough, how about swimming with the sharks? Do not worry! If it is not for you, we have friendlier partner for swim – a dolphin! Dolphin Reef – an excellent place to dive and interact with the dolphins, and more! Visit the three pools with different water in one place: the seawater, fresh water, and the water of “like” the Dead Sea. If you are a fan of extreme sports, then you will like skydiving, quad bikes in the desert or travel by jeep in mountains of Eilat, and especially for curious tourists, we offer tours to the modern dairy farm Yotvata or private breeding crocodiles farm!

Sky dive Eilat
Sky dive Eilat

In Eilat, the sun shines all year round, so good weather guaranteed! Eilat is an opportunity to meet new friends and interesting people from different parts of the world! In the evening, while you relax in the restaurant, cafe or bar on the shore of the Red Sea, resume, you experienced another unforgettable day in Eilat!

See you in Eilat!
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