Along of the Dead Sea by the road #90.

The native Israelis’ attitude to the Dead Sea (geographically – lake) is double-natured: while the ones merely do not pay any attention to it at all, the others consider it rather a pleasant and useful place for resting.  However, it is widely assumed that the truth is closer than you can suppose (namely, at the Dead Sea coast itself)

Eilat, Red Sea.

Eilat is an ideal place for water sports! Scuba diving and skydiving (you will see the four countries at once!). Travel by camel or by jeep, rush on the water surface under sail or kite – you decide! You can spend the day sunbathing on the beach or on the deck! Visiting the reserve “Hai Bar” or the archaeological park Timna, a good reason to explore the nature and the inhabitants of the desert, to see its beauty and to learn a sense of eternity of the universe. Plunge into the underwater world of the Red Sea with underwater observatory and Water Park of the Red Sea in Eilat.

Mizpe Ramon, Avdat, Negev desert

Incense caravan route declared a 2005 in the UNESCO list throughout Israel, where part of it runs through Petra, Avdat, and Mamshit and further to Gaza is in the northern Negev. See the beauty of the Negev’s impossible without visiting the Ramon Crater and ruins of Avdat. At the end of a busy day, we will visit a vineyard where you can taste several types of wine from different grape varieties grown in the Israeli desert! Two-hour trip by jeep around the Ramon Crater possible on request.

Masad, Ein Gedi, Dead Sea

Masada – the fortress and the palace, a symbol of freedom and the history of the monument at UNESCO heritage list. King Herod, the Romans and the rebels – the story of two centuries ago. A unique museum of the history of the fall of the kingdom of Judah. Residence King Herod was not in vain near the Dead Sea, already then people knew about its medicinal properties! Unique Ein Gedi Nature Reserve with waterfalls and lakes of fresh water, plants and unique archaeological monuments of history. Floating on the Dead Sea will have satisfied you in the end of the tour!

Tel Aviv – Jaffa

Cosmopolitan Tel Aviv, calling himself “a non-stop city”, is simultaneously a resort and the undisputed center of entertainment, business and culture of Israel. One hundred years younger than ancient town of Jaffa, which was the basis for the creation of Tel Aviv, this city has they own charisma and character! Old City of Jaffa, where are galleries, restaurants, clubs, pubs, architectural and historical monuments, attracts millions of tourists and locals walk through its streets and the Old embankment. Jerusalem – the ancient religious center is the capital of the State of Israel. Highly developed and ultra-modern city interwoven in its unique beauty and history of the ages, accompanied by Jewish, Christian and Muslim temples.

Petra, Jordan.

Petra is a UNESCO World Heritage Site since 1985 and recognized by popular vote for one of the seven modern wonders of the world since 2007. The unique architectural monument of the Nabataean kingdom, carved in stone, and immortalized in the buildings of the Roman period. The amphitheater, colonnade, Tombs of the Kings, the streets and squares, as well as the natural beauty of the place, leaving an indelible mark in your memory.

Dead Sea treatment

Visiting Dead Sea, is a unique healthy mix of relaxation, treatments and further deepening into philosophic thoughts of life of the Biblical times. Water and mud from the Dead Sea has unique healing ability. Cosmetic effect of water and salt led to the development of a separate direction in cosmetics industry based on Dead Sea salts. Numerous procedures and comfortable conditions of the Dead Sea resorts at your service now! Applying mud treatments, you can immerse yourself in reading a book on the water, or just sunbathing on the beach!

Gold of Jerusalem

Jerusalem! City of three religions, thousands of years of history and is the capital of Israel. Golgotha, Church of the Holy Sepulcher, the Western Wall and the streets of the four old quarters of Jerusalem. Here mixed cultures of many peoples of the world, history of ancient Israel, the Roman Empire, the Ottoman rule – about 27 cultural layers of archeology! Each stone has he’s own history! Just in fifteen minutes’ drive, we will visit Bethlehem and Church of Nativity – the birthplace of Jesus Christ. Arab City of contrasts and place of pilgrimage for Christians worldwide

Holly Land

Visiting Israel is always breathtaking moment in everyone’s life!
The history and shadows of the past are everywhere, each step of holy land will guide you with story of magnificent events and taste of world history!